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StatScale ECR Event 2022 Slides

Gaurav Agarwal (Lancaster University)

Title: Changepoint modeling in spatio-temporal processes with application to Ireland wind data

Ed Austin (Lancaster University)

Title: Monitoring Multivariate Functional Data for Emergent Anomalous Structures

Annika Betken (University of Twente)

Title: Ordinal pattern based time series analysis

Lorenzo Cappello (Barcelona School of Economics)

Title: Bayesian variance change point detection with credible sets

Rachel Carrington (Lancaster University)

Title: Improving power in post-selection inference for changepoints by conditioning on less information

Oliver Feng (University of Cambridge)

Title: Nonparametric, tuning-free estimation of S-shaped functions


Shakeel Gavioli-Akilagun (London School of Economics)

Title: Uncovering Causality in Change Point Regressions

Anica Kostic (London School of Economics)

Title: Tail-summed scores method for inference in the Gaussian sequence model with applications to change-point analysis

Solt Kovács (ETH Zurich)

Title: Optimistic Search Strategy: Change-point Detection for Large-scale Data via Adaptive Logarithmic Queries

Owen Li (Lancaster University)

Title: Modelling periodic data using changepoints

Arnaud Liehrmann (Université Paris-Saclay)

Title: Ms.FPOP: An Exact and Fast Segmentation Algorithm With a Multiscale Penalty

Malte Londschien (ETH Zurich)

Title: Random Forests for Change Point Detection


Euan McGonigle (University of Bristol)

Title: Robust multiscale estimation of time-average variance for time series segmentation

Hyeyoung Maeng (Durham University

Title: Robust bottom-up algorithms for high dimensional trend segmentation

Per August Moen (University of Oslo)

Title: High-dimensional multiple change-point estimation using thresholded CUSUM statistics

Dominic Owens (University of Bristol)

TitleHigh-Dimensional Data Segmentation in Regression Settings Permitting Heavy Tails and Temporal Dependence

Florian Pein (Lancaster University)

Title: High-dimensional change-point regression with structured information

Henry Reeve (University of Bristol)

Title: Subgroup selection in non-parametric regimes



Gaetano Romano (Lancaster University)

Title: NP-FOCuS: Online Nonparametric Changepoint Detection via Functional Pruning LR tests

Vincent Runge (University of Evry, LaMME)

Title: Efficient Pruning Rules For Optimal Partitioning Algorithms in Two-Dimensional Parameter Space

Charles Truong (Centre Borelli)

Title: Automatic calibration of change-point detection methods

Martin Tveten (Norwegian Computing Centre)

Title: Changepoints in the wild

Kata Vuk (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Title: Change-Point Analysis with U-Statistics

Fan Wang (University of Warwick)

Title: Online change point localization in multi-layer random dot product graphs

Kes Ward (Lancaster University)

Title: A Constant-per-Iteration Likelihood Ratio Test for Online Changepoint Detection for Exponential Family Models

Ho Yun (EPFL)

Title: Robust Mean estimation on Non-Positive Curvature Spaces

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